LSA Cryptosystem





The Lucente Stabile Atkins cryptosystem is an asymmetric encryption algorithm which is based on both group and number theory that follows Kirchhoffs principal, and relies on a specific case of Gausss Generalization of Wilsons Theorem. Unlike prime factorization based algorithms, the eavesdropping cryptanalyst has no indication that he has successfully decrypted the cypher text. For this reason, we aim to show that LSA is not only more secure than existing asymmetric algorithms, but is also computationally faster.

My Role

This paper was originally authored by Francesco Lucente Stabile and Carey Patrick Atkins while at Salem State University. During this time, the three of us took the same Introduction to Cryptography graduate course as undergraduate students. After completing the theorem, and the patent filed, Francesco and Carey invited me to assist in the computer science portion of the research, where I programmed the Python prototype and begun research on the C++ implementation.